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Next to new workshops, we have a campfire  cirkel with music and a creative corner!


The entrance fee up to the age of 5 is free and from the age of  there is a special price offer.


Admission to all the workshops is included in the Multi-Day or Single-Day Festival tickets.

Disabled visitors

Unfortunately, the festival is on the beach and therefore not accessible for visitors using a wheelchair or walking aid.

Awareness and sustainability festival

Sustainability boring? Spirituality for ‘hippies’? All this is past tense. A new time has come! Green is the new black, yoga is the new fitness. And what is more enjoyable then dancing on your bare feet on great dancing tunes with a view of the beautiful see in the background? Especially when you can also participate in great workshops, intimate walks and educational activities. And on this festival, how about making new beautiful connections with like-minded people whom also care about the future of the earth. Our program exists of workshops that carry the theme of creating awareness and consciousness. You should think of mindfulness, meditation, yoga. We also offer a beach cleanup, eatable plant walk, eye contact experiment event, a relaxing concert and a workshop palm reading for beginners. There will be a small market that offers products within the theme of the festival. And of course lots of music so you can dance your heart out! In conclusion if you are more in to authenticity and also enjoy a great party. Join us on the footprint, the awareness and sustainability festival!
New friendships:
Special experiences: